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Heading to Thailand to train? This is for you!

So, who am i and why should you listen to me?

My name is Bill and I've spent nearly a decade in Thailand training Muay Thai..
It's been a crazy learning experience, and I'm not just talking about the boxing lessons..

Short of accidentally hooking up with a ladyboy, I've made almost all the typical mistakes..

But that's the best way to learn, right?


The best way to learn is NOT by making these mistakes yourself..

That would be a big waste of your time and money..

I learned my lessons the hard way..


you're better off having someone like me give you the scoop before you arrive..

Picture this scenario..

You arrive at the airport after a long flight and upon picking up your checked baggage, you start getting hit up with offers from cab drivers to take you into the city..

You can go with them, or..

You can use a transportation hack that will get you into the city quicker, and

And that's just where the saving start..


In this guidebook, you'll learn..

This near 200 page guidebook is jam-packed with valuable information.
In addition to saving you money, it will also answer a lot of the questions you likely have..

Wondering what kind of visa you need?

I've written up an entire section on visa regulations, including how you can get a long stay non-immigrant visa, which will enable you to open a bank account, get a drivers licence and all kinds of other perks..

The real gem in this section is the disclosure of a little known border crossing that's easy to get to from Bangkok and is never busy, which makes getting exit and entry stamps a breeze.

Do you know what area of the country you want to base yourself in?

I've analyzed the pros and cons of living and training in..

I've either lived in, or visited, most of these regions so you'll be getting first hand, experience-based recommendations..

Get insider information before you even arrive!

I started reviewing gyms back in 2008 on a site called Fight Passport (

During my time here, I've trained at dozens of gyms, and I can tell you that picking a training camp based solely on popularity isn't ideal for everyone.

There are a lot of great gyms that are nowhere to be found on the first page of Google..

In this guide, not only do I provide a large list of gyms based on location..

..but my aim is to help you find the best options for yourself based on your skill level, goals and ideal surroundings..

I've included a 5 point checklist that will help you identify a good gym, and taking if further..

I've included a "create your style" section where I suggest gyms based on what aspects of your game you want to improve..

For example, certain gyms and trainers are known to produce evasive, technical fighters who don't take much damage..

..while other gyms emphasize a relentless walk forward, clinch and knee fighting style.

Want to develop your boxing?

How about your low kicks?

In either case, I have some suggestions for you!

On page 135, I tell you about a night market that's absolutely packed with girls that look like Asian barbie dolls.

My friends here want me to keep it a secret because it's still unknown to tourists (less competition) but I added it to the guide anyway..

And while on the topic, I also reveal a couple epic dating websites that thousands of legit Thai girls are using to try to meet guys like you!

A friend of mine who was planning a visit signed up, did some pre-gaming from Canada and got dates lined up before he even arrived..

He even arranged for one of the girls to pick him up from the airport in a pimped out SUV!

It doesn't stop there..

In addition to valuable information on the training camps, the girls and how to save money..

I also detail 11 of the most common scams

Read it, make yourself scam-proof and just ignore the would-be con artists with their fake smiles when they try to take advantage of you.

The last thing you want is to get tricked by one of these hustlers and, in an extreme case, have a knife pressed against your throat while thugs empty out your pockets (see "scam #9" in the book)..

There are harmful ingredients used during food and meal prep here that will hinder your performance, your fat loss efforts and your overall health

The food here is great, but there are a few things you need to know before you start throwing back the Thai curries, soups and even the fruit and vegetable shakes..

What you may THINK is healthy is actually anything but.. UNLESS of course, you make the easy adjustments discussed on page 54.

The ultimate Thailand travel "hack"

From picking the right gym & money saving tips.. gaming girls and making sure you don't unknowingly consume toxic ingredients with your meals..

This guide will server you well and will likely be the best investment you make for your upcoming trip!

The supplement recommendation alone on the page 58 is worth the cost of this guide if you aren't taking it


Because most people are deficient in this mineral to begin with, and the deficiancy gets even worse when you sweat a lot.. like you'll be doing in Thailand!

The effects of this?

There are several, but for starters, your energy levels will decline, as will your testosterone..

..neither of which is ideal if you're trying to train hard in a sport as demanding as Muay Thai.

Still not convinced?

Here's what a few readers of the first edition of the Thailand Training Guide had to say..

" I used to be miserable living back home in Toronto dealing with flaky fat girls, stale friendships and the expensive cost of living.

One night I was in my condo researching Muay Thai camps in Thailand and came across Fight Passport. I sat there, read every post and made up my mind that I needed to get out of the Western shit-hole I was living in and do what the writer was doing in Thailand.

Since I got so much value from the site, I decided to buy the book the writer was promoting at the end of the posts. Best value I've ever received for what I paid!

Worth so much more and will definitely save you money on your first trip out here. I learned a lot of things about the girls from the book. After being in Thailand for only 3 days, all the hookers thought I lived here for years because none of their hustlers were working on me.

Since coming to Thailand, my life has changed for the better. My phone is always filled with messages from girls asking what my plans are for tonight.

I've met all kinds of cool, happy people from all over the world and I've been able to travel to all the countries nearby and learn things about life and myself I never would have back home.

I've had many MuaY Thai fights, discovered how much joy motorcycling through a country can bring, and I have a lust for life that was never there back home.

Before I left for Thailand I thought my happiness levels were at 7. After coming out here I realized they were really at 3.5 at best. "

- Nav Sultan

" This book was the best money I spent in preparation for the trip.

Before coming, I looked through page after page on forums, but they didn't have the information I was looking for.

No one was talking about the day to day life in Thailand and how NOT to be taken advantage of.

Reading this book saved me hundreds of dollars during my first stay in Thailand. That is huge, especially when you're trying to stretch your money to stray and train as long as possible like I was."

- Dillon Cassel

" I purchased the training guide before coming to Thailand for the first time and it was a great way to get a heads up on things before going over. It goes into great detail about not only how to pick the right gym, but also the right location. It also gives you a good heads up to the scams that WILL get tried on you and also how to stretch your money the farthest when in Thailand, because if you're like me, you're going to want to stay as long as possible!

This guide is the real deal. "

- Josh Moss

.. And those testimonials are based off the original version of the guide. The latest edition has just been updated and it's BETTER THAN EVER!

The risk is on me,
you have nothing to lose..

This book is the culmination of nearly a decade of my experience living and training here.

Reading it will save you a lot of money and time, while giving you insider tips that first time visitors would be clueless about.

That being said, if for whatever reason you're not satisfied, just hit me up, let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

No hassles, no questions asked..

You're fully covered by a 60 day money back guarantee!

I'm all about giving people value..

The last thing I would want is for anyone to feel like they didn't get their money's worth.

If you're not completely satisfied with the quality of the guide, I'd actually prefer it if you got your money back.

But like I said, the tips in this book are VERY useful and I'm sure you'll love it!

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this guide will make 47 dollars seem like peanuts.

Not only that, but you'll probaby end up at an epic gym that you wouldn't have otherwise known about, and your entire trip will be a lot smoother.

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